Friday, May 7, 2010

Learning from Switzerland

We invited some close friends and collaborators on a Friday evening to discuss strategies on how to improve the construction industry in Asia through universal and integrated team structures. Our starting point of discussion was a case study presentation of swiss architecture (including the Rolex Learning Centre by SANAA and the Evolver by ALICE Studio). Other than most places in Asia, Switzerland practices integrated construction with a team structure, that integrates all disciplines under one contract (with mainly the architect, holding the lead contract). The advantages are obviously better quality control and more willingness to experiment with structures and materiality. To achieve similar results in an environment of disintegrated contracts, the higher quality relies on the effort and willingness of all consultants together. Our efforts go into creating a leaner and more flexible network, covering all stages from the very beginning to the very end of a project.

Team: Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Tim Mao Yiqing

Guests: Virgil Bertrand (Photographer), Nicola Borg-Pisani (Architect), Julian Bott (Environmental Engineer), Roberto Davolio (Cladding Consultant), Fu Kwan (Facade Contractor), John Harkins (Engineer), Davina Lee (Curator), Abdul Yeung (Architect)

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