Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revisited: RIO - City Tower Rio de Janeiro

We were already working on the WOD - Window of Dubai competition in 2008, when there was another sightseeing tower competition announced: A viewing tower to support the applications for the Olympic games of Rio de Janeiro. As we really liked that time our Dubai proposal with a cyclic elevator, we were tempted to submit the entry twice. Thinking it might backfire us, in case we win both (as everybody, who submits competitions, is convinced he would), we decided to use the ring as a circular panorama deck, enabling a 360 degree view over the bay of Rio, using the program to transform the section into an internal landscaped boulevard.

The design was aiming to create an interactive object, which can be used for leisure and recreational use (bungee jumping, rock climbing etc.). Other than WOD, RIO used more of programmable surfaces and spaces.

Ironically, the RIO competition winner submitted a ring scheme similar to WOD; and the WOD competition winner created a window as well, but square...

So far so good for competition entries and the internal discussions on what is the best strategy to (never) win an open international competition.

Team: Ulrich Kirchhoff, Claudia Wigger, Louise Low, Keith Chung, Tim Mao Yiqing, Christopher Tan

© 2008, ice - ideas for contemporary environments

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