Thursday, February 7, 2013

Construction Log February: SZXC

It has been a haunting project for the office. We tendered the detail design on and a half years ago to contractors. Due to the economic crisis as well as other issues, the project is about to finish now only. Being 1650 sqm it is rather complex for an interior project and not really our ground of expertise, yet it stretches beyond the usual period of construction. Finally it is getting there and we look forward to the completion of the project after Chinese New Year.

The project has been a challenge as the client's brief was suggesting a compartmentalized office with small cubicles for different departments. We took this as an opportunity to express the complexity of the circulation in ceiling and in floor only, creating a visual and spatial guiding system throughout the office public corridors.

The client added plants to the construction site at this point. It is a funny way to occupy and own the space. In the end it shows that architect's obsession and client's obsession might not align that naturally...

Team: Ulrich Kirchhoff, Claudia Wigger, Louise Low, Matteo Biasolo, Esteban Becerril Pellon, Jorge Gil, Juliana Kei, Sandy Lee, Olgierd Nitka, Lien Thanh Gruetzmacher, Jackey Yp

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