Sunday, March 4, 2012

Complexity Series 2: Urban Infrastructures

As part of our office activities, we use our academic teaching studios to explore architectural typologies, we work with professionally. The majority of our work is based on what we call 'junk-typologies': Newly emerged typologies that do not fit into the 'classical' understanding of an architectural typology. The types we mainly operate with are live-in factories, mixed-use developments and urban infrastructures.

Two years ago at the EPFL we were researching the urban potentials of high density Mixed-Use developments which resulted in the publication Radical Mix.

This year we have been looking at Urban Infrastructures (with a case study of Pont Bessieres in Lausanne, Switzerland) on which basis we developed programmatic and spatial strategies for the interstices of urban circulation systems in order to create an awareness for the students to the design challenges of such spaces. A publication is in planning.

Thanks to the hard work of all the students who participated in the studio:

Adelie Aeberhard, Cedric Scherrer, Chloe Birrer, Celine Clivaz, Claire Khawam, Derya Sancar, Geoffroy Jutzeler, Ivan Lopes Ferreira, Letitia Allemand, Lien Thanh Gruetzmacher, Morgan Hempler, Nicolas Fatio, Sevan Spiess, Simon Pracchinetti, Vincent Nadeau

Special Thanks to all the Guest critics:

Wing Cheung, Brett Davidson, Dieter Dietz, Daniel Ganz, Key Kawamura, Jeannette Kuo, Ines Lamuniere, Francisco Mangado

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