Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Revisited: DC6

We are torn over this project. It has been a fascinating invited competition for us in 2010, which we won but then didn't win end ended up second on the judging of the master plan but first on the judging of architecture - Unfortunately, this was a master plan competition! Left frustrated being so close to the commission of a 300,000 sqm development, we decided to shelf this project and move on by not participating in competitions any longer for more than a year. Until we won early this year Lobby +.

About DC6: Being the entrance to the city, it would mark a landmark development and represent the wealth and prosperity of this place: An old and famous weekend resort for the habitants of Ho Chi Minh City and home to the headquarters of all relevant oil companies of Vietnam.

The project is a perfect contradiction: The client asked for a super high density resort at the sea front of Vung Tau: Resort+High Density?

Our goal was to work with the contradictions and solve them by using a simple design strategy to maximize the distance between the buildings yet maintain full views to the surrounding for all units. To achieve this, we had to create a linear super building which combines different apartment typologies in a snake-like organism, that twists and turns to generate the least 'density' within the high density of the development.

There have been a good review on this project on ecofriend:

Team: Ulrich Kirchhoff, Claudia Wigger, Louise Low, Minh Le Van, Tim Mao Yiqing

Local Architect: Trinity

Model Maker: RJ Models

© 2010, ice - ideas for contemporary environments

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