Monday, March 18, 2013

Construction Log March: SZXC - Completed

With more than a year delayed due to us unknown circumstances...

...finally one construction site less.

Concept Model for Lighting Concept

Planning Concept

Lift Lobby

Main Corridor


Reception Counter

Lobby Lounge

Lobby Lounge

Floor Plan

Company Logo

Conference Room

Conference Table

CEO Reception

CEO Office

CEO Table

CEO Table Detail

Female Toilet

Male Toilet Washbasin

Male Toilet Washbasin with Mirror

Male Toilet Cubicles

Manager Room

Meeting Room


Second Reception

The design is an office interior for a commodities and finance trading company, based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. For their corporate headquarter in Shenzhen, we were asked to design the project for a cellular office organization within a high-profile building in a prime area of the city.

Located in a central core office, the floor is separated in units for lease and a main office which houses two sub companies of the corporate holding. With two entrances on the other side of the core and 20 over office and meeting rooms, the orientation within the space is rather confusing. 

We designed the project by putting the main focus on ceiling and floorplan as an enhancement and representation of the circulation system. The ceiling is guided by light troughs which lead to publicly accessible rooms. The floor is a direct reflection of the ceiling with rough and glossy surfaces. 

To differentiate the two entrances to the office, the character of the finishes transforms from metallic to organic, from corian, aluminium and glass to wood and leather.

Team: Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, Matteo Biasiolo, Celine Clivaz, Jorge Gil Suarez, Juliana Kei, Sandy Lee, Olgierd Nitka, Sevan Spiess, Lien Thanh Gruetzmacher, Jacky Yp

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